I was instilled with the values that hard work and real-world education will get you where you want to end up. My life has been a great training ground up to this point, and now I am ready to make California government more accountable to all the people of this great rich, diverse, politically unpredictable state.

My pledge is to be your voice on the California State Board of Equalization, and I will always work for a fair, effective, and efficient tax administration.

I will promise that taxpayers will not pay a dollar more than what is regulated by law.

Let’s be clear, the California State Board of Equalization does not make tax law—it administers them and enforces collection in the most effective way possible. 

Since former Governor Jerry Brown in 2017 signed legislation, stripping the board of many of its powers, careful attention must be given to what the Board can now do, namely, employing its constitutional powers to review property tax assessments and insurer tax assessments, fairly.

 If elected, I pledge to ease the burden of existing taxes imposed on Californians. 

Help me make a difference today.



Stop our Tech Economy from leaving California. Work with Silicon Valley instead of running them out of state to Texas and Florida.

Overtaxing Californians

Californians are taxed far greater and too much than anyone else in America! It's time to stop this!


Tighten the Purse Strings

Small Businesses

Lift up Small Businesses, stop allowing hardworking family-owned businesses from being “the problem” instead of the “solution” for all our futures.